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June 17th 2015

As the lead singer of a rock band you’d think I would recommend screaming Grohl type artists but you’d be wrong. Anyway now and again I simply dive into the internet and browse for music to see what happens.

Tom Day Peaks


First up is Tom Day from Melbourne Australia with Peaks. Lovely sonic landscape that almost has me lying on a sandy beach down under instead of contemplating switching on the central heating in the middle of a Scottish June…

Ought Waiting

Any band that calls their latest EP ‘Once More With Feeling’ is going to get my attention ( we have a song with the same name on our new album) Canadians Ought track ‘Pills’ is a slow burning moody rock out track that builds to a lovely crescendo at around 4:15 mins. The vox are slightly low in the mix but it adds to the singers almost despondent mood;if you click onto the ep link New Calm pt 2 barges in Tim Darcy sings freestyle as the guitars swirl around him.


new Calm pt 3 is chaotic in its start; nice to hear a band that is preprepared to play what they like. At 13k likes in Facebook clearly people agree! Touring Europe.

Waiting, the last track on the EP has shades of the brilliant bands Ride and Bell XI. A cracking track. For me the best and the song that made me hit ‘follow’.

Puck are up next Built on Guilt

Another artist from Australia these guys like the doom guitars and they are high in the mix. A bit of Alice In Chains in here.The heavy laden guitars are often interlaced with dreamy fx laden vocals. Like a heavy version of Pond I guess. Built On Guilt is fantastic.


And there we are; a night of surfing through Bandcamp, a lot of sludge in there it has to be said but i liked these artists. If you find a gem please share their music.

here is ours


By creepingash

I am a father and husband and love family holidays in the tent visiting Scotland which is perhaps the greatest country in the world. I love music and play in Weird Decibels as well as solo. I love video games but have yet to blog about that.

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