Weird Decibels; have somehow stuck together for 25 years and have just released their 9th album February. They are from Falkirk; a town famous for a wheel and big horse heads. They play all around the flabby central belt of Scotland on a diet of full fat rock.

Paul is the singer, he is moody and we’re not sure if this is him in character or if its his age or the fact he can’t grow a beard. Stu is the guitarist he has lots of guitars and does the devil sign during every solo. Greg is on bass but sometimes he forgets things which is worrying as he drives big trucks carrying fuel and Derek plays drums, he loves watching wrestling even though its not real.

Somehow after all these years they are still friends and will always be friends

Pabs Vocals, Stu Guitars, Greg Bass, Derek Drums are Weird Decibels


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