The year before the storm…that was February.

We hunkered down to plan for our 25th anniversary celebrations, including writing our new album February

January saw us record our live acoustic album Grand Day Out

Here is the story of recording that album (well what we can remember anyway!)

It (Was) A Grand Day Out. – WdB25 (weirddecibels.com)

Stewart in the studio giving the thumbs up

The album was released in June. Pabs had received some money for studio time and this album is a lasting gift that keeps on giving!

We turned our attention to finishing the writing of February. Having a deadline certainly helped us focus.

In November we were excited to be heading off to Galloway Forest to find a wee lodge to record the album.

How We Recorded February – WdB25 (weirddecibels.com)

The band walking town a small village near the recording studio.

Happy times! Mixing took place over December and as 2020 approached our excitement grew.