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Pabs and Derek lark around in the practise room, Stu can been seen in the background.

Geez Some Sounds Music Competition.

rules for entry into Geez Some Sounds competition

Gig List.

1996 was the year we played most gigs. We almost has a residency in the Martell, the Battle of the Bands was at its prime. Thursday nights live at the Martell was an amazing time.

The Martell, Falkirk 25/1/1996

The Martell, Falkirk 4/3/1996

The Martell, Falkirk 9/5/1996

The Happening Club (Smiths) 10/5/1996. The only time we played the famous Happening Club. Once of the best live nights that Falkirk ever had. The clubs most iconic nights were arguably upstairs in the Argyll. The drink flowed and a hazy smoke filled the room as many excellent local bands played to an enthusiastic crowd.

By the time we played the Happening club it had moved to Smith bar, a fine pub in its own right, but the change of venue seemed to affect the magic of the Happening Club.

That night Pabs was losing his voice, he had had a cold. He marched off to grab a bottle of cough medicine and sank the lot. It was a memorable gig, not busy, just one of our mad performances. Perhaps a little frustrated that the gig we had been looking so forward to was fairly empty.

We played with ‘She Blue’ that night, they approached Stu, asking him if he wanted to play guitar. Thankfully he declined.

The Martell, Falkirk 6/6/1996

The Martell, Falkirk 20/6/1996

J. T’s 22/6/1996

Crossgates Biker Rally 29/6/1996 read the story here.

Romans Bar,  Falkirk 5/7/1996

The Martell, Falkirk 11/7/1996

The Martell, Falkirk 5/9/1996

The Martell, Falkirk 26/9/1996

Falkirk Town Hall 3/10/1996

The Martell, Falkirk 1/11/1996

The Martell, Falkirk 14/11/1996

Cumbernauld Town Hall 16/11/1996

One of our first photoshoots for our first demo

Our First Recording

First cut is the greatest. “I’ll never forget recording in a studio for the first time, it has stayed with me since that day in ’96. So much so that I built my own studio.” Pabs

Here is the story of our first demo recording