The Slange sessions really kicked things off for us, we managed to bring a wealth of ideas, not just from Pabs and Stu but Greg and Derek

A tale of two halves

Our 2022. It got off to a great start and we even got back on the scene.

We’re under no illusion that we are starting again, we’ve done this many times…this year saw us step back from the local scene but we did venture out to the capital.

As we get a little older and not very much wiser perhaps our music will change, certainly when we started writing in April, it seemed we were heading off in another direction within the foundations of rock.

So I guess we will continue to stomp on the distortion and scream the occasional line, it makes us happy!

*Pics: Juls Sampson, various

February 13th

After a long winter and a Christmas in lockdown, it finally felt like we were getting back to some sort of normality. (Of course later this month Russia would invade Ukraine in a truly awful war.)

Pabs had been sketching ideas on his phone and the ideas were brought to the room. Lukewarm would be one way to describe the reception. Some good ideas, some needing work; Stu described them as ‘happy’, so it was back to the drawing board.

April 1st

Writing weekends have served us well in the past. The Oakley sessions saved Weird Decibels 2 and later the Heights sessions helped push that album over the line.

The Slange sessions really kicked things off for us, we managed to bring a wealth of ideas, not just from Pabs and Stu but Greg and Derek brought riffs to the bar…sorry table. We recorded them all.

Read about that here. Writing the Tenth part 1

June 17th

Greg had secured us a gig at Bannermans, Edinburgh. It was a great night, a small crowd in a small venue always works for us. We loved it.

So here is the story Gig Diary: Bannermans Edinburgh 11/6/22

June 24th

We had been celebrating 10 years since the release of 2012 album Weird Decibels 1. #wdb1is10 (Well it gave us something to do in 2021)

Pabs had been engrossed in Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary ‘Get Back’, for years we had been sitting on hours of camcorder footage of our recording week in Ettrickbridge back in December 2011. He stitched it all together an added in a small does of nostalgia to bring the film to live. It rough and poorly shot but we feel it captured the experience of recording in a remote cottage for a week. Loads of footage was discarded for various reasons…

Anyway. Popcorn ready?

Pabs and Derek lark around in the back of the tour van

November 16th

To cap off a quiet year Stu and Pabs got together to put the finishing touches to some of the songs we had started to write in April. Pabs is mixing them as we speak (its been a month…)

We’ll take these songs back to the room and record the demos during the first few months of 2023. Then we will write some more. Once this is done who knows…another recording week?

December 31st

We released collection of demos and outtakes from the Weird Decibels 2 sessions from 2013-16

It was released on https://weirddecibels.bandcamp.com/

Big thanks to all who supported us this year, it was good to see many of you at our gig this year, it was good to be back on stage after so long. We won’t wait as long until the next time.

Love WdB