The Falkirk Music Scene

We are from Falkirk, despite our towns flaws we are proud of it. The music scene is growing again. Here are the events and music of fellow bands that we enjoy and want to share.

Episode 14. April 2018 Shuffledown 2018; a look back at this years music festival

Episode 13. March 2018 RiFF Showcase 2 was a great way to blow away the long winter. Read about it here.

Episode 12. So there it went 2017. Read all about our experiences of the scene here.

Episode 11. Musicians Against Homelessness gig at Behind the Wall September 16th. Read about it here.

Episode 10

New and notable records from Falkirk acts (edition 1). Pabs picks three records from Falkirk acts that he has been listening to recently. Read about it here

Episode 9

Shuffle Down 2017 was brilliant Shuffle Down 2017

Beauty and the fest, The Everglow lamp. Pic Gregor Boyd


Episode 8

Read all about my thoughts in Inverno here


Episode 7

pic juls

Rock on Tap

Episode 6

A look back at Falkirk Music in 2016

Episode 5 Pabs goes to church! Fairweather and The Elements at Falkirk Trinity Church



12885838_525395174299508_8217314232248707789_oEpisode 1. Pabs looks back at a great night at the Loft Sessions. Read about it here.


Episode 2. Pabs reflects on the second Shuffle Down held on the 7th of May 2016. Read it here

Episode 3. Weird Decibels, Rabid Dogs and Sonic Blues live at North Star this is how it went. 


Episode 4. Back in the Loft! Read about it here