Paul Henry Smith (solo)

Here is a link to the solo albums by our singer Pabs

The Sky is Always There When You Look Up front cover CD version

The 9th record from our busy frontman, recorded during the 2020 lockdown just after we concluded the LiveCasts. With no way of getting the band together Pabs saw this as a chance to write and record another album, a vulnerable and bare acoustic record. Back to his roots with no place to hide.


The follow up to Morningday, 2014 surprise lp. 2018 saw the arrival of A Chorus of Lawnmowers a mixture of electronic and acoustic music.

From cover of the morningday cd

Morningday the surprise 7th album

No idea how this album came to be, Pabs, now the father of a young toddler, a whole new world of ideas opened up. After the huge success of Weird Decibels 1 the band was a little taken aback as we did not expect this level of interest so late in our career. Morningday was an escape for Pabs, experiments, enjoyment, it shone through in what would be his most successful solo album to date. He teamed up with our great friends Kevin Byrne and Gemma Burt, this took his sound in a different direction.

The Armour is Broken

Recorded on a digital 8 track, the sound improved, after the patchy early albums this record finally shows that Pabs can write one or two decent tunes on his own. He let no one hear this album when it was first released. In many ways he stills does this…