review of our year 2015

(featured image by Kevin Byrne) Pabs looks back on 2015 What a year its been for both Weird Decibels and Pabs┬ásolo music. Many highs and to be honest a few lows but a great year. January. As the bells sound for the new year and 2014 turned to 2015 I remind myself that in February... Continue Reading →

Gig Diary. 20th Anniversary gig at North Star, Falkirk 7th Nov 2015

Gig Diary. thanks to Kevin Byrne, Juls ┬áSampson, Gary Ivady and Kirsty Smith for taking photos/videos some of which are posted in the blog. Upstairs Downstairs I burst through the front door of the house exhausted after another day in the office. It was the end of a long week; now I had to jump... Continue Reading →

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