Gig Diary. Oxjam takeover Stirling, Kilted Kangaroo, 17/10/2015

Oxjam setlist 17/10/2015

Thanks to:

Our friends who could make it through

Emma Irwin

The Stirling DIY Press Collective

Eindp Scotland (for taking photographs)

Jack (the sound engineer)

The Sonic Blues

For the first time in our 20 years together we took the train to a gig. With guitars strapped to our backs (sticks in Derek’s case) we all met on the carriage; looking forward to a show that we had no idea how it was going to turn out.

It seemed like minutes before we were pulling up at bustling Stirling station. Eager to get to the gig Stu and I lined up our tickets and proceed through the gates little did we know Greg and Derek ticketless, in what seemed an age they were finally allowed to pass the gates and into the airy October night.

The Oxjam takeover of Stirling is now in its second year, run by Emma Erwin, a number of local acts played throughout the city across 5 venues. We were in the Kilted Kangaroo, a small venue just of the city centre.

Many bands and solo artists across many venues
Many bands and solo artists across many venues

It was lively when we arrived, Adverse Effects were playing to an enthusiastic crowd. We were made to feel welcome by the organisers; they were all giving up their own time to make this happen and could not have been friendlier.

Given that none of us were driving we hit the bar with a little too much enthusiasm. Jack the sound engineer went through the details of stage times and sound. Greg though he was called Ryan..Jack Ryan.

laughs a plenty
laughs a plenty

Secret agents aside we had a few hearty laughs and sink a few beers as we watched Jason Riddle play his set. We were keen to check out other venues but it was getting near to sound check.

For the first time in our history I had more guitar pedals than Stu! We had a wee loudness dual on stage and I was the one that was asked to turn down! It was great playing through the Marshall stacks and Jack got us a pretty decent sound from a vocal PA. Happy with that we were introduced to the crowd. Just as we were about to kick off a stage invader wandered into a cupboard on the stage. it was bar staff, not a keen admirer.

set list

  1. Kill it
  2. Miss asphyxia
  3. it’s who you know
  4. joker
  5. little thoughts lost
  6. speak
  7. forward
  8. deliverance
  9. wonder
  10. weekend over my face (did not play)
  11. I hear the city
picture taken by Eindp Scotland
picture taken by Eindp Scotland

Drinking while playing does two things; firstly it relaxes you and it can make you rock out more (which it did) but it can make you forget lyrics and chords (which. eventually it did)

We had a very enthusiastic crowd who appeared to like the tunes; for that we are very grateful.

Picture taken by Eindp Scotland
Picture taken by Eindp Scotland

Kill it could become my new favourite opener, it starts the set with a bang. The set was going a 100 mph, when I got to little thoughts lost I was asked to slow it down! really enjoyed playing Deliverance, we didn’t get time to play weekend over my face for the first time in years but we did finish with I hear the city. I forgot the entire second verse but was pleased to find that I can still make up lyrics on the spot!

The gig was over quick (as they always are) it was another belter to match the record factory gig previously. We mingled with the crowd, I met the guys from The Sonic Blues, really sound guys from our neck of the woods.

Byrne poses in front of the strange decorations at Stirling station.
Byrne poses in front of the strange decorations at Stirling station.

The act after us couldn’t make the show. I was aware that the the Sonic Blues were on at 11pm a mere 27 minutes before the dreaded last train. I was hoping they’d go on early but it wasn’t to be. Despite the lag in between the bands the venue was still lively and there was a good spirit around the place.

Stu and Greg lark around at the after show.
Stu and Greg lark around at the after show.

It was great for the four of us to have a few beers together.We gathered our gear and headed for the train. The after show at Derek’s was a hoot, we sat into the wee small hours sinking beer and talking about our favourite gigs (more on that later) and the forthcoming album. A great night. Thanks Stirling!



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