June July 10th 2013 Writing.

June was a write off, a cancelled gig we were really looking forward to and the song writing sessions were grinding to a halt. I promised the guys I’d take all the recording gear down every week and annotate every little idea. June the 19th.Stu was playing around with a cool lick but the music […]

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Derek adds to the WdB2 diary

  I like starting a new album. The beginning of another adventure that will end up somewhere you haven’t been before. At least that’s the idea. The main pitfall is trying not to do what you did on the last record, and being the drummer, that can be quite tricky. Lets be honest, there are only so many ways you […]

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April 10th 2013

I had a couple of weeks to listen to the demos we had recorded at last practice and I could start to hear the songs form in my head. The guys had received the MP3’s on the same day as practice so didn’t have as much time to listen to the new songs. laughI felt we could drop a part in Rain Parade, […]

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Weird Decibels 2 Diary

It’s strange starting to write a new album. Its not something you do everyday, its like a stamp on a moment of your fleeting time on this planet. As I get a little older these songs are getting more important and as the guy who writes the lyrics for the band I don’t want to […]

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