Question of WdB

Questions of Weird Decibels 2013 edition.

24 questions, 4 categories. Hard, Funny, 2013 and WdB 1 the album. Stu and Pabs pick four each.


Hard Question

Are you too old?

Ha ha never! A great man once said if you think it’s too loud then you’re too old. Being in a band with guys younger than you makes me feel younger. It’s strange because although we are all older now we’re better musicians than we were when we started the band. When the four of us got together recently looking at old photos I thought jeez, how young we looked then realising yes we are older, the body may feel old but the mind and patter etc is still 95 ha ha.

2013 question

Do I see us as a Glasgow band or proud from Falkirk?

Mmm interesting question. I believe that there isn’t a rake of quality venues to strut our magnificent stuff in our home town. In order to play cracking venues we have found ourselves in my favourite city, Glasgow. Although I have lived in Falkirk longer than anywhere else, I still don’t consider my self a local! I’m happy to play anywhere that will have us but in my humble opinion Glasgow is the place to play, best venues and more importantly the best crowds, of course I am including our wonderful weirdo’s who travel through to see us from Falkirk and Glasgae.

So proud to play Glasgow!

Funny question

Have you ever worn makeup?

Yes. Back in the day I once put on some black nail varnish and thought it looked pretty cool, then once again as a pirate for comic relief with black eye shadow, most people know I’m a bit of a show man so any fancy dress party I’m there with the full hog!

Wdb1 question

One year on thoughts?

Well every time I listen to our music especially dB 1 it just gets better with every listen. In my humble opinion I feel it’s our best album my an absolute mile. The first time Pablo let me hear Psalm I was totally blown away, huge huge sound, walls of guitars. There isn’t a weak track on the album. A lot of classics. Everyone is playing to their absolute potential, Greg and Deeks best work so far and Pablo is on fire. I’m not too bad also!

So it just goes to show you that although we have been making music as a band for 18 years the best stuff has been Weird Decibels 1, can it be topped? Do we go heavier? No pressure? Will Stu buy more guitars? ha ha answer a question with a question? I love this and love my fellow Weird Decibels amigos (Stu signing off :0)

Stu the rock miester

Pabs is up next.


hard question.
Does your sound hold back the band?

I think so. I am passionate about producing music and the guys allow me to record our albums. Its a great privilege to be at the controls whilst trying to make our work sound as best as it can. To a fault I am very defensive about my work, very controlling and stubborn. I’m learning to listen though. It has taken me years to build my studio, years to build what is still a basic knowledge. Years of work. Its getting better though, our last two albums Quiet Act and Weird Decibels 1 have been to an acceptable standard. Compared to commercial records we are some way off and I hear many unsigned bands with better quality recordings. They use professional studios and mastering engineers. I personally would rather invest in more gear. With a DAW, recording and mastering software being top priorities Financial restrictions play a part. One thing that pisses me off about modern music production is the stale hyper loud compressed music we have to listen to. Even when I have access to better equipment I will strive for dynamics, a live feeling. But yes over the years our sound has held us back.

How is the music industry now? Will you still engage in Spotify etc?

The industry is on the cusp of another great era. Sound quality you get on your device will eventually surpass CD. (Thank goodness wdB1 is recorded 24 bit). Streaming is the future, music whenever, wherever and at no loss of quality. At the moment the industry is hugely fragmented. So many bands, services, its impossible for everyone to get heard. So the greats are lost in the noise, or if you do discover a great band they don’t last long. We need leading platforms to centralise music again. Spotify is the current leading provider but the backlash is well under way. Its ridiculous that we are losing money on this platform, a scandal. However as a listener I love the service! I’m a premium subscriber. Spotify needs to sort out its business model, someone is going to steal the streaming market.

Who would escape the towering inferno?

As the fires rage around us… Greg wouldn’t be able to decide which way to turn so his ass is toast. Stu would go back for his guitar so his ass is ash, Derek would take the lift as he’s always injured, YOU NEVER TAKE THE LIFT IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE. His ass is smoked. I’d sigh and suck out all the air in the tower thus starving the fire of much needed oxygen. So me.

WdB 1
Any interesting facts about the album?

Its the first album since Whapper Stormer that I didn’t turn up to practise with songs that the band simply added parts to. Its was a team effort. Greg changed the chorus chords of Wonder during the recording as he played the wrong note. Thankfully it worked! Its recorded on an old 2nd hand Korg D3200, the album cost around £500 to make. When we tried to record the violin at Jemma’s we picked up every radio station on the mics and the neighbours having a mighty argument. We recorded the violin back in the practise room! The two codes on the front cover are WWDBD what would Dave broon do and TD7 is the postcode of the lodge where we recorded most of the album.



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I am a father and husband and love family holidays in the tent visiting Scotland which is perhaps the greatest country in the world. I love music and play in Weird Decibels as well as solo. I love video games but have yet to blog about that.

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