Our First gig. Martell. 17th Aug 1995

Back then the Martell was a big deal, it, alongside the Happening Club were the places for local bands to play.

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Our Influences. Nirvana, Derek

    Our dear drummer takes Pabs through the first of his favourite artists in our current series of band influences. Seattle’s Nirvana It was probably the mid 2000’s when we were re-recording some of our early albums and Derek and I got into a healthy debate about Nirvana. Bleach is best he said. I […]

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Speak, how we made the video.

Speak, the video Picking the song. Weird Decibels 1 has many good songs (in our humble opinion of course) but Wonder, Joker and Speak have always felt like singles. We had an idea for Wonder fairly early on so that video came first. Joker has had several ideas that we either too ambitious for a […]

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