Pabs Unsigned Adventure 2. Kaseciarz.

Discovered on Bandcamp My┬álatest unsigned adventure takes me to the sounds of Poland, the band are called Kaseciarz. They describe themselves as low budget rock and roll, I'd go for lo fi rock. I love the way their music is never in a hurry, like rock used to be. These guys play out their... Continue Reading →

Pablos Unsigned Adventure 1. 9M Lied

Random searches can produce great results. 9M Lied, from Barcelona Spain, found on Bandcamp. A week or so ago I hit a link to this band on Bandcamp. They are instrumentalists, no singing, instead they opt for carefully measured, brilliantly played rock. The bass drives it, allowing the guitars to tell the story through... Continue Reading →

Writing September, October 2013

Creatively it has been a difficult couple of months. September Stu, Greg and Derek all had holidays in far away lands. So not much got done. I used September to nail the mixes of The Lost Tracks, three songs we did not use on Weird Decibels 1. More on those in another post. As we... Continue Reading →

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