Pabs Gig Diary Jims Bar QMU live

QMU Jim’s Bar 21st June 2014 Pictures Juls Sampson   Promoter 'Fancy playing the QMU' Band 'Yes' Promoter 'Its in Jim’s bar' Band 'right..'     We went for it anyway, back in with PM promotions it was nice to have a gig to look forward to. Jim’s Bar is a little sauna two flights... Continue Reading →

Weird Decibels talk Gigs!

By the time you read this we are about to, or will have played Jims Bar at the QMU in Glasgow (june 21st 2014), So below is a recount of some of our gigs, in no particular order we include the finest, the worst and the strangest moments from our time on the stage.  ... Continue Reading →

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