Its Friday rush hour. I'm desperate to pick up Stu and get out the town. the city lights of Glasgow are calling. The ABC awaits. As I look in the rearview mirror Falkirk fades away. Nothing draws me to our local music scene now. I pick up Stu, there is almost a quiet excitement as... Continue Reading →

Pabs Music Musings. Part 1 The Search.

My wee sis is a good few years younger than me. She is of this generation of music lovers, accepting with ease MP3's, Streaming, single song listening and music Blogs. I on the other hand come from a generation of CD lovers, albums and record shops. Today's music lovers have everything they need to build... Continue Reading →

Writing August 2013

Lyrics! Kill it! Kill it! I guess it started in my bored heart Turned my blood darker than black At first I loved the feelings I had Got in my head, I screamed 'take it back!' C E C D Kill it! Kill it! Stamp it down Before it grows And eats all around Binds... Continue Reading →

We play live a week tonight at the ABC2 in Glasgow. Tickets £8. Can't wait for this one. Playing live is perhaps the best part of being in a band.

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